Our Members

Our membership consists of the ten (10) Urban Indian Health Programs (UIHP) in California. UIHPs are Indian Health Service funded organizations that offer a range of health services, including medical, dental, behavior health, substance use, and community wellness. Each is governed by a majority-American Indian Board of Directors.

Sacramento Native American Health Center

Founded in 2006, Sacramento Native American Health Center serves the Urban Indian community of the greater Sacramento area, providing clinical, dental, behavioral health, & cultural services to its patients. The health center is committed to enhancing quality of life by providing a culturally competent, holistic, and patient-centered continuum of care.

Native American Health Center

Native American Health Center has been serving the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area since 1972, providing essential health services for the sizeable American Indian population that calls the Bay Area their home. NAHC has also served as a cultural home away from home for many, offering Native-specific cultural and recreational programs that help sustain the community.

Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley

Formed in 1977 on the legacy of American Indian organizers seeking to create a center for both physical health and spiritual wellness for the local community, Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley has grown into a full-service clinic offering comprehensive services to the San Jose area and beyond.

Friendship House Assn. of American Indians

Since 1963, Friendship House, a substance use treatment facility located in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District, has pursued the work of addressing substance use and addiction in American Indian communities through its residential program that blends Western models of treatment and traditional methods together in order to address these complex issues without forgetting the importance of cultural identity.

Fresno American Indian Health Project

Independently established in 2011, Fresno American Indian Health project has been serving the Central Valley with its access and referral services for almost a decade. With its close ties to the local tribes, Fresno has had extensive success in serving the youth who utilize its services as well as the community at large.

Native Directions, Three Rivers Lodge

Three Rivers is a substance use treatment program in Manteca, CA that addresses the needs of American Indian men struggling with addiction. Using a 90-120 day treatment program joined with a transitional housing component, they’ve had huge success in bringing men who seek help here back to wellness and back to their communities.

Bakersfield American Indian Health Project

Located in the lower Central Valley, Bakersfield American Indian Health Project is an access and referral program that serves the local Urban Indian population by providing health education, linking individuals to the care that they need, and providing a cultural touchstone to the area with its cultural programming.

American Indian Health & Services

Located in sunny Santa Barbara, American Indian Health & Services is a direct service Urban Indian Health Program, offering primary care, dental, behavioral health, and cultural services to Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Founded in 1994, AIH&S has played a major role in maintaining the health of its community.

United American Indian Involvement

Founded in 1974 in Los Angeles, UAII has served a beacon of hope, transformation, and wellness for the American Indian population in the L.A. area. Providing extensive cultural programming for youth and adults, health and substance use services, and more, UAII serves as a shining example of what can grow out of tenacious community activism.

San Diego American Indian Health Center

The San Diego American Indian Health Center was established in 1979 as a community based health organization designed to deliver necessary health services to the San Diego American Indian community that remained grounded in traditional cultural values. SDAIHC has grown to serve thousands of patients each year in order to fulfill its mission of service.