Toolkit Purpose

As the Delta variant drives increases in Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, CCUIH has chosen to develop a Covid-19 AIAN downloadable digital toolkit with materials created to provide clear, factual, and actionable information for AIAN communities to help them stay safer from COVID-19.
This toolkit serves as a one-stop shop for partners and community members to
access materials available for download and sharing in support of outreach to
communities in need of information.

COVID-19 Town Halls

Throughout the pandemic, AIAN communities have continued to be disproportionately affected by the covid-19 virus. We have made it our mission throughout the pandemic to host virtual town hall sessions which provide the community with concise, up-to-date information. Below you will find an archive of these town halls covering numerous COVID-19 topics, as well as examining data.

Public Health Graphics

In constant collaboration with community partners and leaders, CCUIH developed essential tailored COVID-19 harm reduction graphics designed for our AIAN community. These public health graphics were designed by CCUIH for the CDPH. These graphics are to be utilized and shared with all AIAN communities.
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Graphics on various ways you can reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread in different settings as the virus continues to impact our day-to-day lives.


Graphics on COVID-19 rapid testing.

Fundamental information on COVID-19 vaccines and their safety.


COVID-19 advice to stay safe for the holidays!



Fact sheets on COVID-19 safety and risk reduction.




Social Media Templates

Below you will find an example of how you can best utilize the CCUIH Covid-19 toolkit. Our team placed together a few pieces from the toolkit to create a social media post template. The template includes one public health graphic, one public health message, and a call to action for community members.

COVID-19 Link Library

There are many beneficial resources for AIAN communities throughout these troubling times. CCUIH has created a Covid-19 link library where you will find numerous resources for community members. Please feel free to share the library and any of the resources that you find to be beneficial.

Physical Distancing Is Being a Good Relative: Gives lots of at-home activities to do while social distancing!

Has a piece at bottom about COVID scams?


CDC: Frequently Asked Questions: Funeral and Burial Services for American Indians and Alaska Native People During COVID

Public Health Message Poster

A combination of the many important lessons that are always useful to remember when combatting COVID-19, talking about it, or referring folks to resources that could benefit them.