As the state health care landscape evolves, it is vital that we keep track of how our clinics look through the OSHPD lens, as this data will be crucial to ensuring our clinics are properly represented in upcoming legislative advocacy efforts. We developed the CCUIH OSHPD Aggregate Patient Profile to provide patient population information for UIHO clinics in California and the CCUIH OSHPD Financial Profile to provide snapshot financial/payer analysis.

The composite data reflects information from the following clinics:

  • East Bay Native American Health Center in Oakland, CA
  • Native American Health Center in San Francisco, CA
  • Sacramento Native American Health Center in Sacramento, CA
  • Indian Health Center of Santa Clara County in San Jose, CA
  • American Indian Health and Services in Santa Barbara, CA
  • San Diego American Indian Health Center in San Diego, CA
  • United American Indian Involvement in Los Angeles, CA