CCUIH member, Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley, is honored to announce the award of a 3-year Circles of Care SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) grant titled Future Generations to plan a system of care for American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) children (ages 0-25) and their families in Santa Clara County.

Future Generations will plan and design a culturally competent holistic system of care that is family-driven and youth-guided based on community input through focus groups, talking circles, key informant interviews, surveys and recommendations from a Community Advisory Board (CAB). The CAB will include youth, parents, and community members as well as representatives from county behavioral health, social services, juvenile justice, education, and health services. Key stakeholders will be involved in the planning, implementation, and community-based, participatory performance assessment.

The goal of Future Generations is to initiate a process of community healing leading to a holistic, coordinated, and culturally-competent system of care for AI/AN children and their families in Santa Clara County. The outcomes are to increase the capacity and effectiveness of mental health systems serving AI/ANs, address the impact of historical trauma, and to promote positive mental health and wellness.

The objectives of Future Generations are to:

  1. Develop infrastructure for a system of care that is community based, family-driven, youth-guided, culturally competent, and collaborative across multiple agencies.
  1. Increase community participation, including youth, family members, and spiritual advisors in developing a system of care based on cultural values and practices.
  1. Provide workforce training on historical trauma, systems of care, trauma-informed services, the recovery process, and cultural competency working with AI/ANs.
  1. Improve collaborative relationships and agreements among child serving agencies and providers working with AI/AN children and their families.


For more information please contact Michael Duran, IHC Counseling Director, at (408) 445-3400 x243 or, or Anecita Hernandez, Future Generations Community/Education Coordinator, at (408) 445-3400 x245 or