The Red Women Rising Best Practices Guide aims to improve services for survivors of domestic violence at Urban Indian Health organizations. This Guide was developed by the California Consortium for Urban Indian Health (CCUIH), and funded by the Blue Shield of California Foundation. It was informed by the partnership between Sacramento Native American Health Center (SNAHC) and WEAVE, Inc., part of the Blue Shield of California Foundation’s statewide project to integrate health care and domestic violence response throughout California. 

During this partnership, SNAHC and WEAVE developed a cross functional team of champions and a framework of policies and procedures that CCUIH has documented to share with our membership and other Indian health programs. The Red Women Rising Best Practices Guide provides information on the following topics:

  • + Assessing your health organization’s quality of services for DV survivors
  • + Enhancing screening practices
  • + Employee DV policy
  • + Getting health services to DV clients
  • + Health care/DV Partnerships
  • + The Buddy System
  • + Cross Trainings
  • + Prioritizing DV education in community programming.


We thank staff at Sacramento Native American Health Center and WEAVE, Inc., for the development of this guide, particulary: Cibonay Cordova, Britta Guerrero, Beth Hassett, Tara Stowbunenko, and Vanessa Cuevas-Romero.

By building a strong working relationship, WEAVE and SNAHC continue to work together beyond their initial funded partnership. We can all learn from this strong partnership and commitment to addressing DV. By prioritizing DV survivors, we can end cycles of violence and heal our communities.

Click on the cover below to access the guide or download here.

For printed version of this guide, please contact For more information about the Red Women Rising project and materials, visit the Red Women Rising page.