CCUIH’s member clinic, San Diego American Indian Health Center will receive funding for prevention and early intervention programs for Urban Indians in San Diego County. Prevention and early intervention programs have been instrumental in allowing Indian health organizations to use cultural practices.

Read the following article, “Supervisors approve behavioral health contracts,” for more information:

The County of San Diego will be entering into contracts with four Indian health agencies to provide prevention and early intervention behavioral health services for the county’s Native American population.

On March 11 the San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted 4-0, with Ron Roberts in Washington, DC, to approve sole source contracts with Indian Health Council, Inc., San Diego American Indian Health Center, Southern Indian Health Council, and Sycuan Medical Dental Center.

“We have a vibrant Native American community in San Diego County, and it is important that this population receives the services needed to ensure they are able to lead productive and healthy lives,” said Supervisor Bill Horn.

The county’s annual $2,090,000 cost for the contracts was budgeted in the operational plan for the county’s Health and Human Services Agency. The four Indian health agencies comprised the Dream Weaver Consortium that was the recipient of the county’s previous single contract, so all four agencies have experience working with the county’s Indian population.

Prevention and early intervention programs are design to provide access to services for identified unserved and underserved county residents who are either at risk of developing what is defined as a mental illness or are in the early stages of a mental illness. The previous contract for prevention and early intervention programs for Native Americans was authorized by the Board of Supervisors in November 2008 and executed in April 2009; Indian Health Council, Inc., was the fiscal and administrative agent and the county’s primary point of contact for the consortium while the other three Dream Weaver Consortium members were considered subcontractors.

The Health and Human Services Agency determined that separate contracts would be more suitable than a consortium contract. Indian Health Council will serve North County reservations, San Diego American Indian Health Center will serve urban Native Americans, Sycuan Medical Dental Center will serve the Sycuan tribal community, and Southern Indian Health Council will serve the other East County reservations. The clinics will offer specialized culturally-designed health and behavior health prevention and early intervention services.

The new contracts are for a period of one year with six additional one-year options.

This article was written by Joe Naiman, posted by the Valley Roadrunner on March 26, 2014.